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70' x 140,000 max hook load capacity on 6 lines w/stabbing board--18" GD RT-18" rotary table--Stacked Double Drum Drawworks (18,000 lb single line pull)--GD model GT-75 ton swivel--(2) Detroit 471 diesel engines
(3) Axle Trailer Call  (307-587-5192)
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1378-3 Gus Pech 1300 Brat 2003 This one owner which is still in regular service has been reduced from $150,000 to $130,000.
12" tube style mast--Two way cross top head slide--Planetary top head drive--GP-1300 hydrostatic tophead drive 0-65 RPM @ 13,000 ft lbs. 0-145 RPM @ 5828 ft. lbs. torque--24' stroke, cable, hydraulic cylinder actuated pulldown/retract drill system (pulldown 18,400 lbs/retract 24,500 lbs.--Pulldown/holdback feed control system--Two Speed retract--Dual hydraulic pump drive system with enlarged gear pumps for increased speed--Oil cooling system--Standard lighting (2)--Tower tool carrier for transportation--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks--Angle drilling lower tower supports--Hydraulic slide base--Hydraulic jib boom and extension-Hydraulic lowering tool guide with hydraulic tool clamp (enlarged to hadle 8 1/4" ID augers--2000 lb. (first layer) GP winch with large dameter drum, with headache ball, 1/4" x 150' cable--12,000 lb. (first layer) Pullmaster winch w/rapid reverse, 1/2" x 200' cable with swivel hook on jib boom--Diedrich sample hammer system--Stationary drill rod rack (10') with hammer holder for NWJ rods--Special 5' rod rack under 10' rod rack for 20 AWJ rods--Swing around auger racks (2) under both sides of rig--Swing around auger rack, rear mounted as per basic rig--2 1/2" U-joint attachment with 2" adapter--(2) sets auger guide bushing (8 1/4" ID)--Cotta heavy duty transfer case system.
18,200 hours--New engine at 12,900 hours (5300 hours on engine.
Rig is mounte on and powered by 2003 Sterling w/Cat engine
1503-1 Failing CF-15 1978 $90,000.00 A VERY NICE CLEAN RIG!

5 x 6 1/4" Failing duplex mud pump--LeRoi 50S2 (220cfm@250psi) development air compresso--5" retractable rotary table--(2) part lines both drums--Double drum drawworks w/air clutches--Sandline drum--(included but not presently mounted on rig)--32' mast--3 1/2" x 23' fluted kelly--Hydraulic pulldowns--side pipe rack for 20' drill pipe--Breakout Tong--(3) Hydraulic leveling jacks--(Included with rig) Approx. 500' used mixed lot 2 3/8" & 2 7/8" x 2 3/8IF tool joint drill pipe with breakout lugs.
1977 IHC tandem axle chassis p/b IHC DT-466 diesel engine
Portadrill 524-3A 1979 REDUCED TO $70,000. WIDOW NEEDS TO GET THIS RIG SOLD!

1979 Portadrill model 524-3A mud & air rotary drilling machine complete with the following attached
equipment: LeRoi model 256S2 air compressor (500 cfm @250 psi) 42' mast—7 1/2" mechanically
powered through a 4 speed transmission, retractable rotary table—Hydrastically powered through 4
speed Funk transmission three drum drawwworks—(3) hydraulic leveling jacks Side pipe rack for
20' drill pipe—hydraulic powered (3) cylinder Bean water injection system -3 1/2" x 24' fluted kelly
and drive bushing—Breakout wrench and drill pipe slips & Misc. bit subs.
Included with rig is 22 joints (440’) used 3” x 20’ x 2 3/8IF tool joint drill pipe slotted for breakout.
Rig is mounted on and powered by a 1979 Kenworth model C-500 tandem axle chassis.P/B Detroit diesel engine.