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e Number Make Model Year Equipped Carrier Click on Image to Enlarge
1095-5 Air Booster Hurricane 2007 2007 Hurricane Booster Model 6T 276-41B-1000--3075 hrs. skid w/optional trailer
1339-1 Atlas Copco CS-1000
Core Rig
2011 CS1000 P4 fully hydraulic surface diamond core drill,
Cummins model QSB4.5 TIER 3, turbo charged/after cooled 4 cylinder diesel engine rated at 86,5 kWt (116 HP) at 2500 RPM
Standard Features:
20 foot pull mast with 1.83m. (6 ft) feed stroke
"P" capacity drillhead with 4 speed transmission and hydraulic chuck (less chuck jaws and bushings)
Hydraulic circuit for water pump, mud mixers, etc
Hydraulic main hoist - 4,090 Kg (9,000 lb ) single line,
8,182 Kg (18,000 lb) double line capacity
Hydraulic wireline hoist with capacity of 6,000 ft of 3/16 in cable (less wireline cable)
Fuel tank 34 gal (125 L)
Optional Equipment:
Hydraulically operated P-size holding clamp
Upgrade to single large dia. crown block sheave
FMC W1122BCD mud pump c/w hydraulic motor, including
20' suction hose, 40' pressure hose, bypass assembly
Hydraulically operated mud mixer.
Lighting kit
Removable rod guard kit
Flow meter, FMC W1122BCD
Spindle RPM counter
Wireline Winch Levelwind
E-Stop Button Kit (1 on each side of drill)
Decal kit - English
Single axle dual wheel tongue pull trailer. Towing package including stub axles, manual leveling jacks, and four 16 in wheels with LT205/85R H.D. tires
1241-6 BE 60-L   Standard 60-L--6 cylinder Buda propane engine--Can set 40' casing--guylines and braces--Cathead--1500' NEW 3/4" main line--1500' NEW 3/8" sandline--INCLUDED WITH RIG:
(1) set 2 3/4 x 3 3/4 tools to include (1) ropesocker, stem and drilling jars and (1) either 6", 8", or 10" bit.
New clutches on reels--
Trailer mounted with new running gears and Budd wheels.
1295-1 Core Rig Discovery EF-50 2007 5000' HYDRAULIC CORE RIG.
5000' capacity NW Rod--25,000 pullback--FMC/Bean 435 triplex pump (hydraulically driven)--Cummins Tier 3 215 HP engine--Funk (4) speed transmission--Fully hydraulic B-N-H-P rod handling--Drill head (0 to 1000 rpm)--Boyles 12HH chuck--Rod clamp--Wireline Hoist DDM design 5000 ft. capacity w/level wind--1000 lb. capacity rod hoist--12 volt interior lighting--Drill shack w/ (4) hydraulic leveling jack, rigid steel tubing with 1/2" plywood painted with high resistant epoxy paint--Rod make/break system DDM design facilitates hoisting and lowering rods--Drilling fluid mixer--Plastic tub with in-tub hydraulic mixer--
TOTAL HOURS: 12,700.
1127-6 CP T-650 1972 450/250 CP model PB-83 piston air compressor--3306 Cat deck engine--4 1/2" x 25' carousel (not on rig but included)--25,000 pullback--Water injection--(3) hyd leveling jacks--
This rig has the inside airline swivel, kelly, hose, and 200' 4" flanged reverse circulation pipe to convert
this rig for RC drilling. ADD: $5000.
Extra CP PB-83 Air compressor. ADD: $5000.
Rebuilt 3306 Cat engine ADD:$4000
Included with rig:
(4) 5" x 25' drill collars--
Approx. 700' used 4 1/2" x 20' 6" x 2 7/8IF Schramm drill pipe--A few piecs of 4 1/2" x 20' CP drill pipe--
6" DTH hammer--Misc. bits & subs.
1972 GMC tandem axle chassis with 427 gasoline engine.
582-5 Custom Tophead MES S-35 1997 140,000 LB PULLBACK TOPHEAD DRIVE
Mobile Equipment Services custom manufactured tophead drive rotary machine--140,000 pullback--Retractable tophead--Range III (52') mast--(4) part traveling block--No mud or air--Hydraulic auxiliary winch--
4700 total hours.
1997 Hendrickson (5) axle carrier p/b 3408 Cat and Allison transmission.
DIMENSIONS: CA. legal including front mast overhang.
WEIGHT: 98,000.
1162-1 Driltech D-25KW 1998 900/350 Sullair--3406E Cat deck engine--8900 hours--(6) pod 4 1/2 x 20' carousel--DTH oiler--20 gpm Bean water injection--Foam injection--washing wand.
680' used 4 1/2 x 20' drill pipe--(2) used 6" hammers--(1) Petol wrench.
1998 Ford 3126 tandem axle chassis with Eaton/Fuller transmission and wheel and axle locks.
1344-1 Failing CF-15 1978 (2) 5 x 6 mud pumps--(3) drum drawworks with air clutches-35' mast--3 3/8" x 25' kelly--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks--Side pipe rack with fast slide--Misc pipe handling and operating tools
1978 GMC tandem axle chassis p/b 6V53N Detroit diesel engine--5 x 4 transmissions
1347-1 Failing CF-15 1978 GD 5 1/2 x 10 pump--LeRoi 256S2 (500/250) air compressor--42' mast w/(2) extra extentions available--3 1/2 x 24' kelly--All Air clutches--Retractable 8" Mayhew rotary table with 5" insert--No bailing drum--2" Little Giant swivel--(4) part 5/8" kelly & hoist lines--(4) hyd. leveling jacks--BJ breakout tong--Drill pipe drill out slips--Spare rotary table transmission.
Mud Pump: New pinion gear and bearings, Rebuilt fluid end with all new expendables, New drive chain--New Little Giant swivel--New fluid stand pipe, new ball and check valves--Near new cables--New spring hook--Pulldown gear box repaired--New kelly bushing--Spare rotary table transmission.
2000 Sterling tandem axle chassis p/b C-12 Cat diesel engine
1198-1 Failing CF-15 1973 5 X 6 1/4 Failing mud pump--Davey 3 cylinder air cooled air compressor--Mechanical clutches on drawworks-27' mast--2 7/8 x 23' kelly--2" swivel--Side pipe rack w/fast slide--5 1/4" retractable rotay table--Hydraulic pulldowns--BJ breakout tong--yers water injection pump--No bailing drum--Operators and helpers platforms. 1973 Ford tandem axle w/3rd tag axle chassis. 8V71 Detroit diesel engine. Odometer shows 21, 572 miles.
1265-2 Failing CF-2500 1982 EXTRA NICE DOUBLE DRUM RIG
58' mast w/swivel guide rails--Stacked double drum drawworks w/air clutches--18" Howard-Turner rotary table--GD model FY-FXD 6 3/4" x 10" duplex mud pump on deck--(2) 3 sheave McKissick traveling blocks including combo block and hook on hoist line-- (6) part lines both drums--Hydramatic brake--Auxillary hydraulic winch--4 1/4" x 34' square kelly--Roller type kelly bushing--3" ID x 40 ton swivel--3" kelly hose--No pulldowns--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks--Weight indicators both drums--(2) type LF tongs--Platforms, walkways, railings and stairs--Rauch pipe spinner.
AVAILABLE AT EXTRA COST: (Call for pricing)
DRILL PIPE: Approx: 2500' used 3 1/2" x Range II x 3 1/2IF tool joints.
DRILL COLLARS: (4) 6" + or - x 28 to 30'.
PIPE TRAILER: Tandem axle.
DOGHOUSE: Tanddem axle tongue pull type
MUD PUMP: Auxillary skid mounted EMSCO D-175 (7 1/4" x 12")w/screw caps. p/b 6V71 Detroit diesel.
1982 Hendrickson (4) axle carrier p/b NTC-400 Cummins and Fuller 13 speed transmission.
1324-2 Failing SS-1500   PARTS RIG--Standard Failing 1500--30' mast--double drum drawworks on retracting base--Hydraulic cylinder pulldowns--No mud pump--2 3/8" kelly included but presently on the rig--Breakout table-- Ford single axle 4 x 4 (4) wheel drive p/b gas V/8 engine--40,000 miles on truck.
1064-2 Failing 2500-A   58' mast w/stabbing board--Single drum drawworks with sandline drum--air clutches--Cathead--Hydraulic and manual leveling jacks--(2) 471 Detroit diesel engines--GD FY-FXX 7 1/2 x 8 mud pump--(4) part 7/8" drill line--Failing 3" swivel--4 1/4 x 38' square kelly w/roller type bushing--18" Failing rotary table--(2) makeup/breakout tongs--Hydraulic breakout cylinder--(1) set 3 1/2" center latch elevators--(1) set drill pipe slips. Trailer Mounted
1312-2 Failing Strat 100-HB   95' clear working space X 250,000 lb gross capacity--free standing mast w/racking board (5000' 3 1/2" pipe capacity)--Hydraulically raised and scoped--Single drum drawworks w/18,000 lb bare drum single line pull--(8) part 1" lines (144,000 lb hook load capacity)--9 X 32" double brake bands--Sandline drum (12,500 lb. bare drum single line capacity)--7" x 27" double brake bands--18" (2) place air clutch on main drum & 18" (1) plate air clutch on sandline drum--15" double rotor Parkersburg auxillary brake--Allison Torqmatic 5 speed forward and 1 speed reverse power shift control transmission--Allison torque converter--18" oil bath rotary table--24 cfm @ 135 psi air compressor--8' substructure w/beaver slide and catwalk--
INCLUDED WITH RIG: (more details available later):
(2) GD FXN 14" duplex pumps
(1) Onan 75KW generator set
(2) 350 BBL mud tanks
(1) 500 BBL fresh water tank
(2) Fluid Systems shakers
(1) Top dog house
(1) 4000 gal fuel tank
All handling tools to operate rig
(3) axle trailer
1345-1 Foremost DR-12 2008 DR12/25P-40/12-900 Dual Rotary Rig--900/350 Air--2 speed RC 110 tophead w/9666 ft/lbs torque--DR12 Lower Drive w/500,000 in/lbs torque--12' lower drive stroke--Discharge swivel 10" w/adapters for 6" & 8"--6", 8" and 10" casing jaws--4 1/2" breakout wrench--6000 lb hydraulic winch--DTH oiler--12 gpm Cat water injection system--Hydraulic driven DC welder/AC generator--Cyclone sampler shown in pictures is not available. 2008 KW T800W truck p/b ISX 525 HP Cummins.
Engine: 6339
Hydraulic: 4763
Compressor: 2598
Sullair 750/250 compressor--Barber style tophead drive--Water injection--Hyd. Leveling jacks--
6", 10", 12", 16" and 24" casing jaws.
Breakout wrench and plate
1) discharge swivel
4 1/2" x 20' x 3 1/2 reg tool joint drill pipe.
Lower drive (recently replaced planetary drive, main bearing, and rebuilt hydraulic motor--Sullair compressor replaced 2009--Mast rails replaced and retrued 2009--
2005 Freightliner M2 p/b 450 HP Mercedes diesel--
1167-4 Foremost DR-40 2013 RC 265 top drive (22,000 ft/lbs torque)
40” lower drive (287,000 ft/lbs torque)
Ingersoll-Rand 1250/350 air compressor
Cummins QSK19 deck engine (675 hp @ 2100 rpm)
Auxiliary service winch (12,000 lb capacity)
Electric line hammer oiler
Quick trip attachment
12 volt light package

3” plumbing w/sock style whip checks
35 GPM Bean, water injection pump
4x3x13 Mission Sandmaster mud pump
Hydraulic discharge swivel clamp
Hydraulic casing clamp mounted under mast base
Fall arrester mounted on top of the derrick
Sandline winch with 1500’ of 3/8” cable
Auxiliary hydraulic circuit (20 GPM @ 2000 PSI) with couplers and flow control
12”, 20”, 24”, and 30” casing jaws
24” discharge swivel adapter
18 5/8”, 20”, and 24” casing clamp inserts
Track--330 Cat carrier
1320-1 Foremost MPD-1000 1980 750/350 air compressor--8V92 Detroit diesel--HD 4" hoist cylinders--Under carriage and tracks rebuilt--Engine is good--Compressor is good--Mast is in good condition--New hydraulic hoses-- Rig is ready to drill.
Approx. 1000' 4" Foremost dual tube RC pipe. 60 to 80% life remaining.
Track Mounted Call 307-587-5192 for pictures.
1340-1 GD 14-W 1973 NICE CLEAN RIG!
650/250 air (GD-WEJ with cycle blower)--5 x 6 pump--10" retract table--Air Clutches on drawworks--Bailing drum--Hyd. Pulldowns--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks--2 cylinder Bean water injection--4 1/2 x 24' fluted kelly--34' mast--Operators and helpers platforms
1973 tandem axle crane carrier p/b 350 Cummins
1343-1 GD 15W 1973 NICE CLEAN 15W
6" x 8" GD mud pump--GD WEJ air compressor w/blower 650/250--(3) drum drawworks with air clutches--42' mast--10" retract table--Hydraulic pulldowns--4 1/2" x 24' fluted kelly--(3) hyd. Leveling jacks--Side pipe rack--Platforms. New swivel--Rig completey overhauled 2010 including diesel engine.
1973 (4) axle crane carrier p/b 350 Cummins
1337-1 GD 1500 1969 5 1/2 x 8 GD mud pump--53' mast--Worthington development compressor--8 1/2" non retract table--Hyd pulldowns--Double drum drawworks with mechanical clutches--Hydraulic leveling jacks--No bailing drum--4 1/2" x 35' kelly--
Approx. 1000' used 2 7/8 x 30' x 2 3/8IF tool joint drill pipe
Misc. pip handling tools
1974 Ford 9000 p/b 8V71 Detroit
1256-1 GD 2000 1976 EXTRA HEAVY DUTY 2000
(2) 6" x 10" GD duplex mud pumps w/11" (3) plate clutches--A separate gear boxes for each mud pump--Speedstar SS-25 double drum drawworks w/4" shaft and modified 18" air clutches--MAST: Reinforced to 90,000 lb. capacity x 58 W/ stabbing board--Water brake--
All Air clutches except mud pump--Pulldowns--(2) BJ Tongs--4 1/2" x 36' square kelly--McKissick (3) sheave traveling block on kelly & same on hoist line complete with spring loaded hook--10" retractable rotary table w/905 Fuller transmission--NEW 12 KW generator--Hydraulic powered Cat mist pump--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks--Walkways and hand rails--(2) 792 drop boxes--(6) strand transfer case--Chain case for drawworks and rotary table--Weight indicator both drums--Mud pressure gauge.
2000' good used 4 1/2" x 20' x 3 1/2IF drill pipe.
(5) 5 7/8 to 6" x 20' drill collars.
1978 Western Star pipe and tool truck
1994 Volvo pipe truck
Rig pipe handling tools
1976 Crane Carrier Corp (4) axle chassis p/b N-14 (460 hp) Cummins and Fuller 147-8LL transmission.
739-10 GD 2000 1976 5 1/2 x 10 GD mud pump--56' mast w/stabbing board--10" retractable rotary table--4 1/2 x 24' hex kelly--(4) hyd. leveling jacks--Hydraulic pulldowns--(2) 3 sheave traveling blocks w/6 part lines--Hydraulic breakout cylinder--(1) spinning cathead--Bailing drum--(2) cylinder Bean water injection system--Operators and helpers platforms--Weight indicator.
1000' used 4 1/2" x 20' x 2 7/8" IF tool joint drill pipe. ADD: $11,500.
1976 (4) axle Crane Carrier Corp. chassis with newer N-14E electronic Cummins diesel engine and RR transmission.
MAST:96' x 212,000 lb hydraulically raised and hydraulically folding mast w/racking board sup up for range II doubles--Air cylinders system on the kelly lines to retract kelly and swivel in back of mast out of the way so hoist line can center with hole for TRUE double drum operations.
SUBSTRUCTURE:Drive on ramps and base--Hopper subbase 9' 2" clearance under rotary table--Walk/Trailer combination with dual rear axles.
DRAWWORKS:Hopper model GXXTA double drum w/10" x 42" brake bands on both drums--Air clutches--(6) part 1" swaged lines on both drums--Weight indicator both drums--Pullmaster hydraulic auxillary winch for floor operations & V-door davit winch added for drill pipe handling.
POWER:12V71 Detroit diesel engine and TG-607 Allison automatic transmission w/TC-855 torque converter--Right angle drive to drawworks, chain drive drop box to rotary table--(2) catheads.
ROTATING EQUIPMENT:17 1/2" Ideco rotary table--125 Ton swivel--4 1/4" x 40' square kelly with Varco roller drive bushing.
TRAVELING EQUIPMENT:(2) 100 ton (3) sheave blocks--(2) elevator links--
DOGHOUSE:Combination doghouse/3000 gal. fuel tank/air compressor and electrical panels mounted on oilfield trailer with dual rear axles.
HANDLING EQUIPMENT:(2) BJ type B balanced tongs--(1) set elevators--(1) set drill pipe slips--
AVAILABLE AT EXTRA COST (call for details)
MUD PUMPS: 7 x 14 Skytop-Brewster duplex p/b 60 Series Detroit--Hydril dampner--High pressure fluid end with screw caps--ADD: $50,000/OR Ideco 71/4" x 16" w/Cat diesel power ADD:$55,000.
MUD SYSTEM:100KW Cat diesel generator--High capacity totally rebuilt unit w/new electric double deck linear shaker, new 50 hp electric centrifugal pump and 10 hp electric pump for mud mixing--New hydraulic system for leveling jacks--Mud house on back--Mounted on tandem axle trailer with leveling jacks-- plus plus--Not used since total rebuild-Excellent condition. ADD: $275,000
DRILL PIPE:100 joints (approx. 3140' 5 1/2" x 21.90 lb. x 5 1/2" FH tool joints--(4) joints of heavy weight pipe--Total string length 3260'--Excellent condition. ADD:$75,000.
DRILL COLLARS:(12) 7 1/4" spiral w/5 1/2" FH tool joints w/slips and collar recesses--All have fresh cut threads--Premium condition. ADD: $36,000/ $3000 each.
EQUIPMENT REBUILT AT A COST OF OVER $150,000 last year. AS FOLLOWS (has drilled 3 wells from 2000' to 2700' since): DRAWWORKS: rebuilt with new clutches, rebuilt drawworks transmission, new 1" swaged cables, new weight indicators, rebuilt hydrabrake and rebuilt catheads--Rebuilt 90 degree drive box--(2) Rebuilt swivels--rebuilt hydraulic mast cylinder including chromed tubes so they don't rust--Mast crown rebuilt w/some new sheaves--Rotary table clutch newly installed--Substructure and walkways rebuilt
Rig and mast on Tandem axle trailer-Substructure/rotary table on tandem axle trailer--Doghouse combination on tandem axle trailer.
NOW $140,000!

1050/350 air--powered by Caterpillar diesel; Cable pull down; 5” x 30' carousel; Twin gear heads; H.D. bull gear; Set up for hammer drilling; high pressure
1332-2 IR RD-10 1984 (1) used 1984 IR model RD-10 drilling machine complete with the following attached equipment: 1050/350 IR twin screw air compressor w/clutch--KT19A (600 hp) Cummins deck engine--70,000 pullback--44' mast (can run range II casing)--34' head stroke--High torque (7200 ft. lbs) dual motor spur gear head (0 to 92 rpm)--8 gpm Bean water injetion system--6000 lb. auxillary winch--20" table opening—(3) hydraulic leveling jacks—Misc. table bushings and pipe handling tools in side boxes of rig. Rig is mounted on 1982 (4) axle crane carrier w/671 Detroit diesel engine and RR transmission.
(3) to choose from
No mud or air--Range III (53') mast--70,000 pullback--12,000 ft/ lb torque tophead--(3) hyd leveling jacks--Hyd. winch
Pettibone (4) axle crane carrier
1321-1 IR T-3W 1993 IR HR-2 825/350 twin screw compressor--NT-885 Cummins deck engine (435 HP)--38' mast--(4) motor tophead drive--30,000 pullback--DTH electric oiler--12,000 lb. Gearmatic winch--Bean water injection system--3000 lb Ramsay sandline drum--Dual jib boom controls--Mud pump plumbing--Diesel cold weather start--Side pipe rack--Maintenance Records--Approx. 9750 hours.
650' used 4 1/2" x 20' x 2 7/8" IF drill pipe
Weldco-Beale 615 casing hammer add $12,000.
1993 IHC 5070 tandem alxe chassis p/b L-15 (350 HP) Cummins and Eaton 8 speed transmission--Locking differentials--Engine pre-heater--Good tires-- 67,000 miles.
1346-1 IR TH-60 2004 TOPHEAD MUD & AIR
GD 5 1/2 x 8 duplex mud pump--Hydraulically driven--750/350 IR twin screw air compressor--5000 ft/lbs torque top head drive--34' mast--38,000 pullback--20,000 lb winch--Water injection--Oversize operators and helpers platform--(4) hyd. Leveling jacks--#2
2004 Western Star (4) axle chassis
1346-2 IR TH-60 1998 TOPHEAD MUD RIG
(2) GD 5 x 6 hyd. Driven duplex pumps--No air compressor--42' mast--5000 ft/lbs torque tophead--38,000 lb pullback--20,000 lb hyd. Winch--(4) hyd. Leveling jacks--Oversize working platform--#8
1998 IHC Paystar 5000 tandem axle chassis.
No mud pumps, hyd. drives or oil cooler--Could be converted to RC--60,000 lb pullback--46,000 lb winch--5000 ft/lbs torque tophead--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks--53' (range III) mast--Oversize working platform--#11
2001 KW (4) axle chassis
1346-4  IR TH-60  2004  TOPHEAD MUD RIG
 1) GD 5 1/2 x 8 duplex pump--Range III (53' mast)--60,000 pullback--46,000 lb winch--5000 lbs torque tophead--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks. #7
2004 Kenworth (4) axle carrier.   
1346-7 IR TH-60 2001 TOPHEAD BIG MUD RIG
 (2) GD 5 1/2 x 8 duplex pump--Range III (53' mast)--60,000 pullback--46,000 lb winch--5000 lbs torque tophead--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks. #14
2001 Keworth (4) axle chassis   
1324-1 IR TH-60 1976 PARTS RIG: $22,500
600/250 twin screw compressor--38' mast--Sandline drum--IR tophead drive--(3) Hydraulic leveling jacks--Bean water injection--inline type oiler--Side pipe rack for 20' pipe and fast slide. 6 1/2" x 30' head travel hydraulic cylinder--Air over hydraulic controls--50 gpm hydraulic motor & hydraulic valve assembly (was used for powering mud pump)--
1976 IHC Paystar 5000 tandem axle chassis with 8V92T Detroit diesel engine--Air actuated drop box to change power from road to drill--Cotta Transfer case
1232-1 Longyear 34   Longyear 34--Bean 35 pump p/b gasoline motor through 3 speed transmission--Angle hole capable (head rotates 180 degrees)--
Cat head and wirelinge winch w/3000' cable--Skid mounted.
Approx. 1500 ft. + B Rods
Some H rods
Some casing
Core barrels (some w/split innertubes)
Specialty Tools
A complete inventory will be available soon.
Military 6 x 6 mounted by Longyear in 1972.
1317-1 Mayhew 1000   $30,000
27' mast--2 7/8 x 19' kelly--5 x 6 GD mud pump--5 1/4 non retract rotary table--Mechanical clutch chain pulldowns--Hydraulic bailing drum mounted on mast--No leveling jacks
300' 2 3/8" X 15' drill pipe
Portable mud pit
1980 IHC 1700 tandem axle water truck w/1200 gal rectangular water tank-- add: $6000
1980 IHC 1700 tandem axle water truck w/1200 gal rectangular water tank-- add: $6000
1980 IHC model 1800 tandem axle chassis with NEW 404 gasoline engine and 5 x 4 transmissions.
1326-1 Mayhew 1000   PARTS RIG $15,000
4 x 6 Gaso duplex mud pump--9" non-retract rotary table--(3) mechanical leveling jacks--Modified hydraulic pulldowns--NEW Little Giant swivel--23' kelly--Murphy fast plug--Side pipe rack and fast slide--operator and helper platforms-- Rig does not include GD air compressor p/b Detroit diesel package mounted on the deck.
 KW tandem axle chassis
1348-1 Midway 1300 1978 5 x 6 GD mud pump--34' mast--24' kelly--8 1/2" retractable rotary table--Air clutches on drawworks--hydraulic pulldowns--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks--20 gpm Cat water injection--Moyno pump mud mixer--Side pipe rack for 20' pipe.
760' used 2 7/8 X 20' drill pipe
(1) 4" x 20' drill collar
Water Truck: 2000 gal tank--2008 Ford F-800 p/b L-6 Cummins diesel.
Backhoe: 2005 John Deere model 110 4 x 4 w/bucket & forks 1600 total hours.
Air Compressor: 2006 Ingersoll-Rand 185/125 diesel powered w 80' 1" air hose. Mounted on single axle trailer 125 total hours.
Pump Hoist: 2001 Smeal 4-T with remote control, tool boxes and pipe rack. mounted on 2001 Dodge 1 ton 4 x 4 p/b Cummins diesel--196,000 mi.

1982 KW model T-600 6 x 4 chassis
1336-1 MIDWAY 1500   CAN SET 16" CASING!
MUD PUMP: GD FYFXD 7 1/2 x 10 super charged by 3x4 centrifugal pump which is mounted low under the deck and belt driven off mud pump jack shaft--Pump has inlet manifold piping with strainer basket clean-out--Piston pump is belt driven w/clutch from PTO.
MAST: 52' clearance crown to rotary table top--Crown is sheaved for (4) part lines on both drums-- 3" stand pipe and kelly hose.
DRAWWORKS: DSM Double Drum with 18" air clutches--Foster spinning cathead--8" x 24" brakes.
ROTARY TABLE:Retractable Midway 12" oil bath w/tapered master bushing for drill pipe slips--Direct drive through (4) speed transmission.
TRANSFER CASE: Midway 15 enclosed chain drive, oil bath.
ROTATING EQUIPMENT: Western Rubber 60PG 3" opening swivel--4 1/4" x 40' square kelly.
TRAVELING EQUIPMENT: (3) 12" sheave block on kelly line--(2) 12" sheave Johnson weighted crane block with hook--(2) 2 1/4" x 33" elevator links.-.
MISC. EQUIPMENT: (4) hydraulic leveing jacks--(1) Foster hydraulic tailout winch.
This rig can handle 16" casing with up to 60,000 lbs hook load.
(4) axle Crane Carrier chassis p/b 450 Cummins and 10 speed Fuller transmission.
819-23 Mobile B-47   3" Moyno pump--3 cylinder Deutz diesel deck engine--Wiggle tail head--Hyd. Leveling jacks--Hoist line--(1) cathead--Pipe rack
200' 2 5/8" x 5' sections Mobile Lock drill pipe.
GMC Top Kick single axle chassis with Cat diesel engine.
5 x 8 GD duplex pump--Hyd powered 3 x 4 centrifugal pump--471 Detroit diesel engine w/4 speed transmssion--Hyd. driven shale shaker--Hyd. Driven pickup pump--(6) desander cones--(4) hyd. Leveling jacks--Pressure gauge--Shear relief valve--Night lights.
Special fabricated lowboy trailer that rests on the ground when in operating position--Dual wheels
18,000 lbs.
424-5 Pipe Trailer   2003 2003 Fabrication Technologies tandem axle dual wheel pipe trailer. Custom made with pipe slide for Range II drill pipe. Like new condition.
(Pipe not included)
819-26 Portadrill 522 (1500 Class) 1972 EXCELLENT URANIUM RIG
5 1/2 x 8 GD mud pump--36' mast--Bailing drum (no cable)--3 1/2 x 24' fluted kelly--2" swivel--Hydraulic pull downs--7 1/2" retractable rotary table w/5" mater bushing--(5) speed table transmission-- (2) part line both drums--Side pipe rack for 20' pipe-- Operators and helpers platforms.
400' used 2 7/8" x 20' x 2 3/8"IF tool joint drill pipe. ADD: $4000.
MANY RECENT REBUILDS: New kelly and bushing 2012--Power/chain case rebuilt by Portadrill 2009--Rotary table rebuilt by Portadrill 2010--Mud pump gear end inspected 2013 by qualified technicion and stated to be 85% of new--Rig was sanded and primed 2009 but never painted.
1984 Autocar tandem axle chassis with 3208 Cat diesel engine
906-1 Portadrill 522 1970 1500 class rig w/42' x 45,000 lb mast--Double drum drawworks with sandline drum--10" GD retractable rotary table--5 1/2 x 8 GD mud pump--(2) traveling blocks--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks 1985 IHC tandem axle chassis p/b 671 Detroit.  
1165-1 Portadrill TKS 1978 PRICE SLASHED!
750/250 Sullair twin screw compressor--8V92T Detroit diesel deck engine--Hydrastatic powered double drum drawworks w/power up/down operation for infinite control of drill string--Sandline drum--7 1/2" retractable rotary table--4 1/2" x 24' gfluted kelly--2 1/2" opening swivel--Pulldowns--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks--Hyd. Water injection--DTH oiler--
(1) Used down hole hammer drill
(1) dog house w/geolograph machine
(1) 1000 gal. fiberglass water tank on skid w/Kerr duplex pump for mud mixing.
(1) pipe trailer
(1) mixed lot of misc. tools and bits.
No drill pipe avail.
Compressor will not rotate--Cleaned and Painted.
1977 IHC Paystar 5000 tandem axle chassis p/b 3208 Cat diesel and 13 speed transmission. 20,500 miles.
1197-2 Portadrill 10-TG retro 1967 CONVERTED TO TOPHEAD DRIVE--
500/250 model 256S2 LeRoi air compressor--671 Detroit deck engine--Cyclone tophead--Water injection--Operators and helpers platforms--Side pipe rack--Bailing drum--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks.

Weldco-Beale model 915 casing hammer w/cylinder type handling package.
1967 IHC tandem axle chassis with 549 gasoline engine and 5 x 4 transmissions.
826-1 Portadrill 10-TK 1973 500/250 air (LeRoi 256S2 compressor)--8V71T Detroit diesel deck engine--All hydrastatic powered drawworks and rotary table--7 1/2" retractable rotary table--Sandline drum--38' mast--(4) part lines--2 1/2" opening swivel--4 1/2" x 24' fluted kelly-- Bean 2 cylinder water injection system--Side pipe rack for 20' pipe--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks--Operators and helpers platforms
AVAILABLE AT EXTRA COST: (call for pricing)
MUD PUMP: 5 x 8 GD duplex high pressure chain drive p/b 671 Detroit and 4 speed transmission--skid mounted on 1981 Homemade trailer.
DRILL PIPE: Approx. 1560' 3 1/2 x 20' x 2 3/8IF drill pipe.
(2) 4" x 20' drill collars
(1) 10 3/4" hole opener
(1) 6" model QL60IR down hole hammer drill w/6" bit.
(1) 500/250 LeRoi compressor package p/b 671 Detroit--skid mounted.
1973 Ford 9000 tandem axle chassis.
826-3 Portadrill 10-TKT 1975 53' mast w/stabbing board--750/250 air (1) Leroi 256S2 500/250) and (1) Leroi 253S2 250/250 compressors--Hydrastatic powered double drum drawworks w/power up/power down feature--(4) part lines both drums--Bailing drum--7 1/2" retractable rotary table--3 1/2" x 24' fluted kelly--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks--water injection system--Side pipe rack for 20' pipe--Operators and helpers platforms.
AVAILABLE AT EXTRA COST: (call for pricing)
MUD PUMP: 5 x 10 GD duplex p/b 471 Detroit--skid mounted
DRILL PIPE: Approx. 1560' 3 1/2 x 20' x 2 3/8IF drill pipe.
(2) 4" x 20' drill collars
(1) 10 3/4" hole opener
1975 IHC Paystar 5000 tandem axle chassis with 425 hp Cat engine.
1197-1 Portadrill 10-TL 1973 EXCELLENT CLEAN RIG
70,000 pullback (6" hoist cylinders)--Tophead drive--500/250 air--Bailing drum--Hydrastat powered drawworks with power up and down feature--(2) cylinder Bean water injection system--DTH oiler--Operators and helpeers platforms--Hydrulic breakout tong.

Casing Hammer--915 Weldco-Beale model 915 with hydraulic cylinder handling package--
1973 IHC Paystar tandem axle chassis with 549 gasoline engine.
1348-2 Pump Hoist SMEAl 4T 2001 4T Smeal--Remote control--No bailing drum--Pipe rack--Mounted on a 2001 Dodge Diesel 1 Ton 4x4 truck, 4 Under Bed Boxes, 4 Aluminum Tool Boxes 196,000 miles  
1296-5 Pump Hoist 50 Ton General or Moosio   50 Ton capacity--100,000 lb. capacity stiff/A leg mast--Main line and sandline drums--New cable on main drum--Cathead--Ford industurial gas deck engine.
CONDITION: Rig deck engine starts and runs good--Truck starts drives and runs fine--All lights work.
1970 IHC tandem axle chassis p/b 250 Cummins and 13 speed Fuller transmisson--
1227-1 Pump Hoist Shopbuilt   A CHEAP FIXER-UPPER!
Shopbuilt unit--30,000 lb. capacity--Jager Mfg.double drum drawworks--6 part lines on main drum--6 cylinder IHC propane deck engine--Cathead--(2) rear hydraulic leveling jacks.
1978 Chevrolet C60 tandem axle chassis w/350 gasoline engine.
850/150 air--30,000 pullback--50,000 pull down--Mechanical quill tophead drive for extremely high torque drilling--Carousel--Hyd. Leveling jacks.

Engine was rebuilt in 2001 and unit has not drilled since. Rig was ran through company shop in July 2011 and following is the report: Engine was strong with no apparent problems. Truck Transmission gears were good--Mast raised properly and tophead rotation was confirmed to be ok--No apparent major hydraulic or air leaks.
1975 (4) axle crane carrier chassis with 350 Cummins
EXTRA NICE 825/350 GHH model CF-1000H compressor w/clutch--Series 60 Detroit diesel w/ADM Electronic Module--30,000 pullback--28.5' head travel--Single motor tophead--floating sub--4 1/2" x 20' x (6) pod carousel--10,000 lb. winch--Hyd. Jib boom--DTH oiler--25 gpm Cat water injection system--Side pipe rack--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks--Engine heater--60" breakout wrench--Plumbing for mud pump operations--
CASING HAMMER: 2007 Atlas R2000 Hydraulic casing hammer complete w/mast guides--swing-jib, Hydraulic cylinder handling package which can drive 6", 8", 10", & 12" casing.
DRILL PIPE: 500' good used 4 1/2 x 20' x 3 1/2" reg, drill pipe--
500' good used 3 12/ x 20' x 2 3/8IF.
Geo Rockford XS drill system--Numa Super+Jaw-Casing Retractor
HAMMER:(1) used 6" IR QL60
MISC: bits, subs, stabilizers & tools.
REBUILDS, Deck engine, new rebuild 2012--GHH compressor new rebuilt 2011--All hyd. Hoses--2 new Hyd. Pumps new 2012--New pulldown chains & sprockets 2007--Lincoln Lubricator new 2007--Radiator--Oil Cooler new core 2010--New compressor clutch 2009--Breakout table and slips new and rebuilt--Casing hammer hoist cable--New Paint
Rig is mounted on 1995 Ford L-8000 w/Cummins FD1460 diesel engine and 10 speed Eaton Transmission--Approx. 43,000 mi.
582-4 Schramm T-660H 1989 REBUILT 2014
1000/350 GHH compressor--3406 Cat deck engine--New style swivel for mud drilling--12,000 ft. lb. x 130 rpm tophead--44,000 lbs pull back--12gpm Cat water injection--28' head travel--Extra wire line winch w/1500' 1/8" Cable for straight hole survey or sample retrieving or lay down winch--Upgraded 3" plumbing for mud drilling-Swinging jib boom.
2014: 3406 out of frame major overhaul (1000 hrs)--Compressor new bearing and seals (700 hrs)--Tophead motors replaced--Upgraded Hoist and rotation pumps--New style swivel and packing for mud drilling--Hoist cylinder rebuilt-- All done in 2014
1989 Ford F-8000 tandem axle chassis w/20,000 lb front axle & 44,000 lb. rears--p/b 6 cylinder turbo charged 270 hp diesel and 8 speed transmission w/double low gears--Tires 90%.
1299-1 Schramm T-64 1980 750/150 LeRoi screw compressor--8V71 Detroit deck engine--32,000 lb. casing winch--32,000 lb. additional hoisting winch--25 gpm water injection pump--(4) leveling jacks--DTH oiler--
Casing Hammer: Welen model 1262 1200 lb. anvil for driving 6" to 12" casing. Overhauled and upgrade with pnuematic valves.
1980 GMC General tandem axle chassis powered by 8V71T Detroit diesel--(2011 DOT inspected)
Standard T-64 tophead drive rig--450/250 Schramm piston compressor (camshaft is out)--8V71 Detroit diesel deck engine--water injection--(3) Hyd. Leveling jacks--No carousel--
Extra compressor that could be mounted in place of the compressor on the rig.
SPARE COMPRESSOR: Extra Schramm compressor that would fit on rig in lieu of the inoperable one.
DRILL PIPE: 37 pieces 758') 4 1/2 x 20'6" x 3 1/2 reg tool joint
8 pieces (120' 4 1/2" x 15' x 3 1/2 reg. tool joint. Total pipe 878'
10 pieces (50') 2 3/8" x 5' NW Rod drill pipe
AUGERS: 10 pieces (50') 4" x 5' hollow stem.(1) Hammer split spoon--(1) split spoon sampler
SUBS: (1) 2 1/2 x 3 x 4 1/2 x 18" box sub to NW Rod and augers.
(1) Auger plug pickup for NW Rod.
(1) 3 1/2 reg pin x 6 5/8 reg box bit sub w/ good used 12 1/4" button bit
(1) 3 1/2" reg box x box bit sub w/6" button tricone bit.
(1) 3 1/2 reg. box x 4 1/2 reg box x 24" bit sub w/7 7/8" tricone bit
(1) 3 1/2 reg box x 2 7/8" reg box bit sub w/5" bit
(1) used 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" box to box bit sub.
(1) new 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" box to box bit sub.
(1) 3 1/2" reg box x 1" NPT pipe sub
(1) 3 1/2" reg box pickup plug
(1) 3 1/2" reg pin pickup plug
(1) 3 1/2 reg x 5' sub
(1) used 6" hammer w/6" button bit
(1) used 5" hammer w/5" bit
(1) 10" hammer bit (slightly used)
(1) used 8" hammer bit
(2) New 6' button bits
(1) New 6" drag bit
(1) New 8" drag bit
(1) New 9 7/8 Tricone Mill Tooth Bit
(1) used 7 7/8" Tricone Mill Tooth Bit
(1) 7 7/8" Tricone button bit (used to ream 40' of hole)
(2) used 6" drag bits
(3) well head diverters (1) each 6", 8", & 10".
(3) pipe alignments clamps
(2) 4 1/2" PVC elevators (shopbuilt)
(2) 4" PVC elevators (shopbuilt)
(4) 6" pipe elevators
(1) 8" pipe elevators
(1) breakout wrench
(1) Drill pipe handler elevator
(1) 3" Wilden air diaphram mud/grout pump.
(2) spare Schramm air compressor blocks
(1) spare Schramm air compressor head
(1) each inner and coolers.
Mixed lot of clutch parts
(1) 3" x 5" tapertap
(1) used Mills knife casing perforator.
1974 GMC tandem axle chassis with V8 gas engine and 5 x 3 transmission.
1184-1 Speedstar 30-K 1985 ROCK SOLID 8084 HRS!
840/350 air--30,000 pullback--DTH oiler--Side pipe rack w/fast slide--Hyd. Water injection--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks--No mud pump (see note)--Sandline drum--32' mast--18,000 lb. winch--Hydraulic pipe spinner--Operators and helpers platforms.
400' 4 1/2 x 20' drill pipe
(1) used 6" IR 360 down the hole hammer.
1985 Loadcraft crane carrier w/475 hp. Twin turbo Cummins diesel engine.
1222-3 Speedstar 70-K 1982 70,000 pullback--52' mast--No mud or air--Tophead w/single hydraulic motor 10,000 ft. lbs. torque--Extended mast can run range III casing--(4) part 3/4" line on (2) speed hydraulic hoist (can pull 125,000 lbs)--Single stem loader--Pipe spinner 1982 (4) axle Crane Carrier w/KT Cummins engine Call 307-587-5192
1185-1 Speedstar 70-K 1982 900/350 GHH--70,000 pullback--Tophead drive--42' x 100,000 lb. capacity mast--8V92TA deck engine--Cat water injection--Hydraulic auxillary winch--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks--(2) hydraulic break out cylinders--Hydraulic pipe spinner.
1982 (4) axle Crane Carrier Corp. chassis p/b 8V71 Detroit and 9 speed transmission with deep reduction gears.
1230-7 Speedstar
SS-10 1994 PTO driven Speedstar Stratastar SS-10--11,000 ft. lbs. torque--(2) winches--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks--Safety Hammer--(2) auger racks--Hydraulic break out wrench--10,050 total hours.
1994 Ford F-800 single axle chassis with Cummins diesel engine, 5 speed trans. And 2 speed rear end--174,000 miles.
750/300 Sullair screw compressor--Hydrastatic powered 8 1/2" retractable rotary table--18 gpm Bean water injection system--35' mast--Air clutches on drawworks--Sandline drum--4 1/4" x 25' kelly--Electric DTH oiler--(4) hydraulic leveling jacks--Side pipe rack for 340' 4 1/2 x 20' drill pipe--
1977 GMC tandem axle chassis p/b 60 Series Detroit diesel engine and 13 speed transmission.

220 cfm @ 225 psi Sullair compressor--4 1/2 x 5 GD mud pump--Tophead drive--John Deere 4 cylinder deck engine--Single stem loader--Side pipe rack for 20' drill pipe--(2) winches--
1990 IHC single axle chassis
1127-4 Speedstar
Cable Tool   Star 72 Cable tool rig--Case diesel deck engine--(3) hydraulic leveling jacks--(1)stem--(1) set jars--(2) 6" button bits 1956 Reo tandem axle chassis with gasoline engine
706-10 Walker-Neer 250-40   BUYERS DEAL ON THIS CLEAN 250-40
Walker-Neer 250-40 complete with hydraulic pipe handling arm and pipe rack system--p/b low hour Cat--Oversize brakes--
Rig is stated to be "extra nice"--Good paint--Drilled 3 wells in last couple years--Not drilled since April 2014.
Trailer Mounted Call 307-587-5192 for pictures.
706-9 Walker-Neer 250-40 1981 NICE PACKAGE!  REDUCED! CALL NOW!
65' one piece mast (new 2005)--3408 Cat (525 HP) Rebuilt 2012--
CLBT 6061 Allison tranS--15XP King power swivel--New snub boom--Hydraulic pipe loading arm--New style Sunstrand hydraulic pump and motor--Torque Chief Wrenches--50KW John Deere generator--Miller welder--
MUD PUMP: Emsco D-375 p/b 3408 Cat all unitized on master skid.
TUBULARS: (15) 6 1/4" drill collars with new tool joints and hard banding
Approx 6000' used 3 1/2" S-135 x 13.30 lb Range @ drill pipe.
PIPE RACKS:(1) set hydraulic pipe racks--
RIG MAT: New 2012
PIPE TRAILERS: (3) each drill pipe and drill collar tri-axle trailers
Trailer Mounted w/new suspension. Call 307-587-5192 for details and more
706-3 Walker-Neer 150-25 1980 COMPLETE WORKING UNIT.

DRILLING RIG: Walker-Neer Apache 150-25--50/150 mast-- King model 10PS tophead drive--Hydraulic arm drill pipe/drill collar/casing handling arm and pipe rack system--Single drum drawworks w/6 part lines p/v671 Detroit diesel engine through Allison torque converter and 5 speed transmission--Rig is mounted on (4) axle crane carrier.
SUBSTRUCTURE: 14" H x 8' W x 36' L back on sub base.
MUD PUMP: Gardner-Denver FXN 7 1/4 x 14" duplex w/Matco quick change fluid end p/b twin 671 Detroit diesel engines.
AIR COMPRESSORS: (2) 1050 cfm @ 150 psi Gardner-Denver screw type air compressors each p/b 3406 Cat diesels.
AIR BOOSTER: (1) Joy model WB-12X 7-5 p/b3406 Cat.
DOGHOUSE: 8' W x 40' L trailer mounted w/automatic driller, work bench, lockers, storage cabinets.
GENERATOR: 36KW John Deere diesel-Rig lighting.
TANKS: 300 bbl water tank, Diesel fuel tank.
Myers triplex pump w/soap tank (skid mounted)
Approx. 4700' used 3 1/2" w/3 1/2IF tool joints.
(14) 6" drill collars.
(3) 8' x 40' pipe tubs.
Hydraulic pipe racks w/ tool tub.
(1) 3000# annular.
(1) Washington rotating head.
(2) Web Wilson Type "C" tongs.
Misc. subs and tools

Rig is mounted on (4) axle Crane Carrier chassis.
1318-1 Wichtex Pole Mast   1968 Wichtex split single drum drawworks p/b 6 cylinder Chevrolet gasoline engine and 4 speed transmission--(2) rear mechanical screw leveling jacks. 1968 Chevrolet single axle chassis p/b gas engine
1101-2 Wilson Mogul 42   95' x 300,000 hydraulically raised and scoped mast--Single drum drawworks grooved for 1 1/8" lines w/26" (2) plate Wichita air clutch--Hydramatic brake--12V71 Detroit w/Allison 5 speed transmission--27 1/2" rotary table w/18" clutch--Sowa (4) sheave 150 ton traveling block--Weight indicator--Hydraulic breakout cylinder--6 1/2 clearance under substructure and back on ramp--No kelly, swivel or tongs included.
Rig is owned by a water well company and was used for drilling large diameter wells. It has been used very sparingly in the last few years and is stated to be in very good mechanical condition.
Three Axle Trailer
630-8 Workover Rig Moeller
  96' x 210,000 telescoping mast--Double Drum drawworks Moller H1-42108 w/42" x 10" brake bands--water spray cooling--15.000' 9/16" wireline capacity--15,000' of 2 7/8" tubing--22" Hyramatic brake--500HP Detroit 60 seres engine and Allison CLT-5860 transmission. 5 axle carrier.